This Stitchlinks Plus page is dedicated to taking our knitting research a step further.

Our research into the therapeutic benefits of knitting has taught us many valuable lessons, in terms of what we need to include in our wellbeing toolbox and what we can take from knitting and apply to other activities which may have similar benefits.

Ideally, we are looking for activities which involve bilateral, rhythmic, coordinated patterns of movement across the midline of the body. Movements which, with practise, become automatic so enabling you to hold a conversation or enter a meditative-like state whilst enjoying the activity.

In addition, the activity ideally needs a rhythm you can control and sync to your mood at that particular moment, plus a strong tactile component. Colour adds to the experience.

The activity must also enable you to develop creatively, provide a progressive level of skills to master and be conducive to group work enabling you to socialise and form firm friends.

You can see it's difficult to match knitting, plus of course, it's completely portable. It enables you to access its benefits any time anywhere. It would be difficult to do any of the activities listed below on public transport for example!

There are, however, other activities which involve bilateral, rhythmic patterns of movement which look potentially very interesting. We've always said that we want to use knitting as a springboard to other activities, to spark an interest in learning new skills throughout your life. After all, novelty is a cornerstone of a healthy brain which still has the ability to grow new brain cells and neural pathways even in old age, providing we're active in making it happen.

For the time being, Stitchlinks Plus will simply alert you to other interesting posibilities and we hope to be adding to the list below as well as enlarging on the individual activities over time.

  • Bilateral stitching - click HERE for more information

  • Juggling

  • Drumming, particularly African or Samba drumming

  • Playing a musical instrument

  • T'ai Chi

  • Bread making

  • Spinning yarn - wheel and drop spindle

  • Dancing