The benefits of narratives – telling your story – in healthcare are widely recognised. Not only do they enable your doctor to plan more effective health care, tailored to your specific needs, history and moral beliefs, but it helps you too.

Writing out your story is often cathartic and can help you discover the root of a problem and how current issues have developed over time. It will help you to trace the development of thought processes, good and bad, and enable you to see how all those little experiences in life have added up to contribute to the bigger picture. When we're living life at the 'coalface' we rarely take time out to look at our lives in this valuable way.

Stitchlinks is collecting narratives as part of an ongoing research project and would love to hear yours. We'd like to know a bit about you, and how you feel knitting or stitching may have helped in various areas of your life, or not. It's important we receive a balanced view so if you've found knitting or stitching hasn't helped in certain circumstances, or at all, then we'd like to hear from you too. If you are one of these people but continue to knit or stitch despite this, then we'd like to know why – what motivates you to continue? No names or contact details will be made public at any time and you can tell us your story anonymously if you'd prefer.

As an early example of the type of Stories we're receiving, try reading this.

Please tell us your story by clicking here.

Telling your story can be a great help to others too as they'll discover they are not alone!