Betsan has been using knitting therapeutically in the NHS since 2006 so she has gathered a wealth of knowledge on how knitting can be used to complement medical treatments, to actually treat some conditions and to ease suffering, despair and isolation.

Knitting and knitting groups can also enable you, as a clinician, to support, motivate and monitor your patients over the longer term as well as enable early intervention. These are major problems which cannot be addressed through medication. Knitting and knitting groups can tick these boxes at little to no extra cost to your budget.

Self-management is THE 'Buzz Word' and much time, effort and money is poured into encouraging patients to self-manage their own health and wellbeing. Any change in lifestyle can only come from within and cannot be imposed. As clinicians you can inform, advise, guide and support but it is up to each patient whether they carry out your recommedations. The old saying 'You can lead a horse to water.....' springs to mind. If the motivation to change and take personal responsibility for healh simply isn't there, then your efforts, time, and ultimately money, are wasted and everyone concerned feels frustrated.

We need to take a step back with patients like this. They need to develop an interest in the world, enjoy social contact and develop an aspiration to improve their health and wellbeing before attempts at encouraging them to self-manage can succeed. Once interest is sparked, it needs to be maintained, encouraged and nurtured over the longer term.

Using knitting groups to complement your medical treatments will enable you to do this, as well as keep your patients updated and educated on recent research and new initiatives regarding their particular conditions.

Doctors and other healthcare workers refer patients to Betsan for individual or group therapeutic knitting. They regard knitting as 'having earnt its place' in healthcare thanks to Betsan's research and work done with patients at the Pain Clinic of the Royal United Hospital in Bath, UK. High profile clinicians and academics are recognising the importance these groups can play and are endorsing their use.

We are working with a growing number of clinicians around the world who wish to use therapeutic knitting to improve wellbeing and health.

As the organisation with direct links to researchers in this field, Stitchlinks will always be a source of accurate information for clinicians using therapeutic knitting. It will enable you to:

  • Access in-depth information

  • Communicate with researchers in the field

  • Communicate and network with other clinicians

  • Purchase starter kits for group members and taster packs for group leaders

  • Access ongoing support
On a more personal level for you, it's easy to forget that amidst all the current changes to health systems around the world, that the mental health of clinicians themselves is suffering. Many suffer high levels of stress, sleep disruption and worry. This in turn, can adversely affect the clinician / patient relationship making successful outcomes even more difficult to achieve. So why not also consider a workplace knitting group for clinicians at your place of work?

If you're starting up a group or wish to learn about therapeutic knitting, please Contact Us.

You'll find information on setting up a group on our Groups page.