Knitalongs are great fun whether it's your own face-to-face group knitting the same project together or an online group of friends via the Forum.

Ideas for knitalongs

  • Join a big charity knit-in.

  • Learn a new skill, such as lace or sock knitting, together – It's an excellent way to learn whilst at the same time forging new friendships. Use it to bounce ideas off and inspire each other and to share your knolwedge. It's a great way of sharing the joys and frustrations of mastering a new technique!

  • Knit squares for a group blanket.

  • Knit squares or panels for a group wall-hanging or knitted 'quilt' to hang in your meeting place or a waiting room in your local hospital.

  • Design and knit your own, unique group bunting.

  • Design and knit a range of teacosies for use in your meeting place.

  • Design items for a display area which can be used to advertise your meeting place. Lena, Cupar's group leader designed and knitted a wonderful knitted tea party which made it to the local newspaper.

  • Knit a range of Christmas decorations to hang in your meeting place.

  • Join in one of the Christmas box appeals.

  • Develop a special relationship to a specific charity. Perhaps link up with one which sends knitted items abroad to children and ask for feedback to the group.

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